About Me

Hi there! I go by the Clockwork Critter and I use she/her and it/its pronouns. I am a Linux Enthusiast, Furry, and Aspiring Data Scientist. I enjoy learning about technology, statistics and data of all kinds, as well as digital privacy. I also enjoy comedy and humor, I am always looking to make those close to me laugh. This website is dedicated to journaling my thoughts as I try finding my place in both the tech industry and the wider world as well as collecting resources that help marginalized people navigate their challenges.

Friends of the Site

That’s right! Despite all odds, I do indeed have friends. Here’s a bit about them: Xenia Xenia is a Programmer for Crystal Linux. Her sense of humor, good-natured personality, and willingness to help others uplift any community she is a part of. Eris Polymath, Musician, Programmer, Activist, and Retro Technology Enthusiast. Eris brings knowledge, passion, and a unique sense of humor to any subject she encounters. It is impossible to be friends with Eris for long without learning something....